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Falcons - Packers Week 8 final score predictions

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


Falcons 24 - Packers 21

Fans shouldn’t focus solely on the Packers secondary, which is currently in shambles. Green Bay still has a very good pass rush, and for that reason alone I believe this game will be closer than many are predicting. Rodgers and the offense aren’t what they once were, so I don’t think we’ll see another 33 point meltdown like we did last Sunday. I also believe Matt Ryan will bounce back from “locking in” on Julio and get back to the ball distribution that has made the team successful so far. I’m looking for a hard-fought and close victory on Sunday.

Kendall Jackson

Falcons 38, Packers 17

Remember last time these two teams faced off? Julio Jones put up 259 receiving yards — a Falcons franchise record at the time. Of course, he’s broken it since then with a 300-yard performance against the Carolina Panthers this season. Well, Green Bay has several injuries in their secondary heading into Sunday’s game, so your guess is as good as mine as to how they’re going to cover Jones. We may see another 300-yard game for the stud receiver — as well as a win to end the two-game losing skid.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 30 - Packers 28

Since predicting endless losses has failed to yield a win the past couple of weeks, I’m shifting the paradigm to predict a win here. I think these two teams are very evenly matched, but while the Falcons have floundered a little lately, the Packers’ engine is starting to sputter to life after some experts had described Aaron Rodgers as “broken”. Naturally, as a Falcons fan I expect him to have a career revival against us, but whether or not that’ll actually happen will determine if we can get off the field on 3rd down for once. The Falcons will have to overcome a third team’s extended break in a row, which will be tough, but we’ve shown enough to suggest it won’t be a big deal. A loss here doesn’t spell doom for the Falcons, but it could determine whether or not we’ll be taking any names in January. Put simply, we must win this game.

Kyle McClendon

Falcons 28 - Packers 21

I really can’t say that I am 100% confident in any pick right now, since the last two weeks have been pretty confusing. The Packers had a couple extra days to prep for this one and I think the Falcons are maybe wearing down a bit after that rough stretch earlier in the season. The Packers seem to be starting to get some things worked out on the offensive side and the Atlanta’s defense has been struggling of late, but the Packers defense is not great against the pass and the Falcons...well...they like to pass. In light of that, I think the offense gets some explosive plays but the Green Bay front seven gives Ryan some trouble early and makes Atlanta somewhat one-dimensional, setting up another somewhat stressful fourth quarter for Atlanta. This time, though, the Falcons come away with a win. I hope.

Kevin Knight

Falcons 31 - Packers 24

This is a critically important game for the Falcons. They need to get a win here to re-energize the fanbase and stop this losing streak. Atlanta has a good chance to do that against a Green Bay defense that is missing nearly their entire starting CB corps. The Falcons should be able to move the ball on offense, but it will be up to the defense to slow down Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay hasn’t been nearly as dangerous on offense as of late, so I think the Falcons walk out on Sunday with a win.

Matt Chambers

Falcons 24 - Packers 17

My prediction of a 69-0 win over the Chargers wasn’t totally accurate, so I’m dialing it back this week. The Packers are as bad as they’ve been since I’ve followed football and are dealing with plenty of injuries. The Falcons need to get back on track and if it doesn’t happen against the Packers at home, it probably won’t happen at all.

Allen Strk

Falcons 30 - Packers 27

Not having Tevin Coleman and possibly Dwight Freeney is very concerning. The second-year running back brings an explosive element that defenses fear and have to gameplan for. Although Freeney has been relatively quiet for the past two weeks, the legendary pass rusher is still a major piece to Atlanta’s improving pass rush. Green Bay is clearly not the same team. The secondary is decimated, while the offense is beyond predictable. They remain a threat based on their offensive line, edge rushers, and elite quarterback. This is going to be another up-and-down battle. The offense can’t afford to play only one good half for the third consecutive game. Following two heartbreaking defeats, the Falcons will be more consistent.

Dave Choate

Falcons 31 - Packers 27

Atlanta’s lost two in a row, but I haven’t lost faith in their offense’s ability to put up a ton of points, and I think the defense will have an easier time with this Packers offense than the Chargers game. That adds up to a win, albeit a narrow one. I hope.