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The best and worst Falcon of the week award, blood sacrifice version

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The metallic bird never sleeps.


There must be a sacrifice.

The voice starts quietly in Dan Quinn's head.

There must be blood.

Quinn awakens. As if it was all just a dream.

You must.

He knows it isn't a dream. His living nightmare continues.

Bring them to me.

Even at 3 and 1, Quinn just can't get fired up about sacrificing part of his team to the new, blood-thirsty god of Flowery Branch. He has resisted and refused, but Quinn must make his sacrifice. He tries to keep it together.

Now, Dan.

The tears stream from his blood-shot eyes. He's already marched up dear friends Bryan Cox, Kyle Shanahan, and Richard Smith, only to see them enveloped in fire. What sort of Falcons god would require such a barbaric ritual? Where is the humanity? But at the same time, the Falcons have two games on every other team in the NFC South.

The sacrifice clearly works. He needs another body even after an iconic win. Ask the intern to bring Eric Weems to coach Quinn. And bring his playbook.

Happy trails Eric Weems Twitter: @ThatTerenius

Happy trails Eric Weems

Weems was leading the NFL in kickoff return average as of last week, so man was it hard to pick someone with a bad week. The defense struggled after dropping into prevent defense against Derek Anderson, but the special teams was even worse when we needed it. The vet messed up with a weird muff/drop/recovery thing that I can't even describe and forced the offense to start at the one. Luckily the rest of the team came through.

And remember that Kyle Shanahan lived through his sacrifice, and has put together some of the best offenses in Falcons history. Or at least that is what Quinn tells himself. Weems was benched for Justin Hardy, and Hardy looked pretty good.

The cloaked three nod. They read from the sacred texts in unison. We will probably never know their identities.

The screams of the sacrifice echo into Quinn's soul. What has he done? He tried everything. The draft may be better than 2008. Even the pass rush is working. Jalen Collins will be back.

But he can never forget those screams.

Who got the award for the week? This was tough.

Julioooo Mr. @ThatTerenius on twitter dot com

Jet Jones oh man is that really his nickname?

I wanted to go Matt Ryan but Julio Jones broke the Falcons single game record today. He ended up at 6th overall in NFC history for receiving yardage, and could have broken that if the Panthers kept it more interesting and Atlanta bothered to pass. Julio's game was jaw-dropping and yet I wasn't surprised at all.

Jet Jones deserves every record he breaks.

These choices were good enough that Dan Quinn can again put his head on his pillow. He can sleep thinking of only defensive game plans.

The screams in his head? Those may never stop.