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Report: Atlanta Falcons versus Green Bay Packers could involve lots of pass interference penalties

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Fact: Julio Jones once whipped but he flatly refuses to nae nae

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver extraordinaire Julio Jones has been fighting an uphill battle all season. In spite of the blatant incompetence displayed by the various crews officiating Falcons games in weeks one through seven, Julio has amassed over 800 receiving yards and 4 touchdown receptions. (Shockingly that includes a 16 yard performance in week 3 against the New Orleans Saints and a 29 yard performance in week 5 against the Denver Broncos.)

But fear not, Falcons fans, because better days are ahead. The crew officiating Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers has a particular affinity for pass interference penalties.

Good news for fans of receiver Julio Jones: Referee Walt Anderson and crew will handle the Falcons' game in Atlanta against the Packers. Anderson's crew leads the NFL with 16 calls for defensive pass interference. It has also called eight defensive holding calls, tied for the third most in the league. If anyone is going to give Jones some relief after a couple of tough no-calls against him, it's Anderson.

Combine this with a favorable matchup against a banged up secondary and Sunday could be a big day for Julio. As you can probably imagine, Dan Quinn and his merry band of coaches are acutely aware of Anderson's quick trigger.

The Falcons will likely try to push their limits and push them early. If Julio once again succumbs to grabby shenanigans, we will know for a fact that this is a league-directed conspiracy inspired by Dave's drunken antics.

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