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Is Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn being aggressive enough in his criticism of officiating crews?

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Fact: Dan Quinn has thirteen toes

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is fighting an uphill battle. He's got all the talent in the world, but with officiating crews seemingly ignoring any pass interference directed at him, Julio's job is probably more difficult than it needs to be right now.

In the fourth quarter of the loss against the Seattle Seahawks two weeks ago, Quinn jumped up and down on the sideline after Richard Sherman's grabby shenanigans went unnoticed. He tempered his words in his post-game presser. Then the following week, he had a one-on-one with the NFL's head official. And that's about it. Meanwhile Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has been ranting and raving about leaping field goal blocks all week.

Watching Arians handle the leaping field goal issue and contrasting that with Quinn's relatively subdued defense of Julio gives me pause. To be fair to Quinn, I'm not an NFL head coach. I also respect Quinn and admire what he's done since taking over as head coach. But if he took a more aggressive, demanding approach, would it bother me? Probably not. In fact, if this continues, I hope he does.

So what say you? Should Quinn take a more aggressive posture? Is he doing enough to protect Julio? Discuss!