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NFL power rankings 2016: The Washington Post hates the Atlanta Falcons

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Fact: when Matt Ryan cries, an angel loses its wings

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are a team trying desperately to find their identity. Based on their body of work seven games into the 2016 season, we know they have a dynamic offense and a mediocre defense. But they can't afford to make stupid mistakes and they certainly can't afford to play like they did in the second half of Sunday's loss to the San Diego Chargers. That said, they didn't take a big drop in this week's NFL power rankings. 10th

The big mistake: Dan Quinn going for it on fourth down on his side of the 50. He might have confidence in his offense to pick up those yards, but it sure revealed a lack of confidence in his defense to stop another San Diego drive. Punt it.

ESPN: 10th

The Falcons still sit atop the NFC South despite losing two in a row but they need to stop the bleeding. A home game against the Packers, who have won three straight against Atlanta, and two tough road games (Bucs, Eagles) await the Falcons before their Week 11 bye.

SB Nation: 6th

Yahoo Sports: 7th

Sunday's loss was troubling because the Falcons faded after a good start last season. Is that just going to be a trend for head coach Dan Quinn? If you want to be really pessimistic, they got off to a wonderful start with some quality wins and here they sit at just one game over .500.

Washington Post: 16th

It's up to Coach Dan Quinn to hold things together now with the Falcons on a two-game losing streak following a 4-1 start, calling to mind last season's 3-8 finish after a 5-0 beginning.

Bleacher Report: 9th

My best guess? Atlanta's unique offensive attack became a little predictable in its setup. Every throw I saw began with a play-action fake, for instance. Linebackers and safeties stopped biting after enough exposure to it. Ironically, a play-action fake would've served Ryan well in overtime. His fourth-down handoff was stopped cold instead. Maybe defensive guru Dan Quinn should've had more faith in his defense.

What are your thoughts? Are the Falcons ranked too high? Too low? Discuss!