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Falcons - Packers odds: Atlanta’s a modest favorite this week

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The line opens up with the Falcons as 2.5 point favorites.

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

A week after they were favored to beat the Chargers by a touchdown, the Falcons are now favored to beat the Packers by less than a field goal. Seems pretty reasonable.

This line acknowledges the reality that Atlanta simply wasn’t very impressive a week ago in their loss to the Chargers, particularly in an anemic second half, while still balancing the fact the the Falcons are home and the Packers are no great shakes themselves thus far in 2016. I have zero complaints.

Of course, maybe the Falcons would rather not be the favorite. They’ve lost both games where they were favored thus far in 2016, going 4-1 when they were underdogs. Correlation ain’t causation, but my nerves will jangle nonetheless.

Who do you have winning this game, Falcons fans?