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Yes, that was pass interference on Julio Jones at the end of the Falcons’ loss to the Chargers

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The refs just won’t give Julio the calls.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

For the second consecutive week, NFL officials refused to call pass interference on a late-game throw intended for Julio Jones, and they really should have.

If you’ll remember -- and surely you do — had a blown call at the end of the loss to the Seahawks been executed correctly, it might have given the Falcons an opportunity to win the game with a field goal.

On Sunday against the Chargers, it was the same situation, except the win probability was a little higher. That makes it more frustrating.

After Atlanta’s loss to the Chargers, Jones expressed his frustration with the call.

“They said it was uncatchable even though he pulled me down and I still touched it with one hand,” Jones said. “They still said it was uncatchable.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Julio Jones play football, but there are very few balls that aren’t catchable for Jones. That one? That was catchable.

Jones also acknowledged that the team can’t blame the loss on that one play.

“We can’t control the calls we’re going to get in the game,” Jones said. “We’ve just got to be positive. We came up short. They were the better team today, but we can’t base it on one play. We have got to play better all the way around.”

The Falcons do need to play better all around. There were many breakdowns offensively, including Matt Ryan’s late-game interception that allowed the Chargers to swing the momentum in their favor. Defensively, the team couldn’t come up with stops when they were most needed, and some questionable play calls (ahem, that fourth down fiasco) didn’t help matters.