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Mercedes-Benz stadium construction reaches milestone

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Atlanta's new $1.5 billion stadium reached a construction milestone this week.

The Atlanta Falcons are one step closer to moving out of the Georgia Dome. The team is planning to head to their new home, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, at the start of the 2017 season. With some questions about the stadium's completion date, construction appears to be moving along as schedule and in time for preseason.

Per the stadium's PR company.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium celebrated the installation of its final steel truss, inviting workers of the stadium to sign one of its final supporting beams before it was lifted and bolted in. This ceremony is a significant milestone in the stadium’s progress toward completion.

I'm not a construction expert, but the steel beam things seem pretty important. It sounds like the construction is getting through what I consider the boring part. Now that the structural steel is in place all the cool parts can start coming together, like the retractable roof and the 360-degree halo board. We should see more progress in the next couple months with about ten months until they open.