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Falcons 101: Chargers series history

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Atlanta has absolutely dominated this series, no matter if they play in Atlanta or San Diego.

Atlanta Falcons v San Diego Chargers Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons and San Diego Chargers have only played nine total games in the two teams’ history and, to put things plainly, the Falcons have absolutely dominated. After a tough loss in week six, Atlanta is looking to bounce back and continue the historical trend and get a win at home against San Diego.

First, let’s get a better look at the history between these two teams.

Overall team records

Atlanta has dominated this short, nine-game series, winning eight of the nine games since the series started on October 21, 1973. Of the nine games, six of them have been in San Diego and Atlanta has won each of those games.

San Diego’s only win against Atlanta came in 1988 when the Chargers beat the Falcons 10-7 in Atlanta. A couple of the games have been blowouts but over the nine games the average margin of victory is 10.2 points.

Atlanta’s biggest victory/loss

As previously mentioned, the Chargers have only won one game in this series, and that game was only a three-point loss for Atlanta. Compare that with Atlanta’s largest win: a 41-0 win in the very first game of the series on October 21, 1973 in San Diego.

San Diego has only scored 20 or more points twice in the entire series and have played four games where they didn’t crack double-digits.

Recent developments

The Chargers and Falcons have only played three games since 2000, each one was a win for Atlanta. More recently, the Falcons beat the Chargers 27-3 in San Diego in September of 2012. Matt Ryan is undefeated in his two games against San Diego and led the offense to 20+ point-games both times.

Series quick-hitters

· This will be the first time Dan Quinn and Mike McCoy meet up as head coaches.

· Philip Rivers is 0-2 against Atlanta with a 55.88% completion percentage

· Matt Ryan has been stellar against San Diego, completing just under 75% of his passes and throwing five touchdowns with only one interception in his two games against San Diego

Atlanta is looking to continue the trend and get a victory in Atlanta this Sunday at 4:05 EST. The game can be seen on FOX and heard on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta. At the moment, Atlanta sits as -6.5 point favorites.

Will Atlanta continue their dominance of the Chargers?

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