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The Falcoholic Podcast: Our very first episode

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DW, Jeanna and Dave discuss the 10th anniversary, domestic violence and the Seahawks and Chargers games

It’s an exciting time here at the Falcoholic. We just celebrated our tenth anniversary and our favorite football team is playing well and at the top of the NFC South. Additionally, we’re launching our own in-house weekly podcast, that Falcoholic beat writer and #madonline artist Jeanna Thomas and I will be hosting. Each week, we’ll have Falcoholic writers and/or special guests joining the podcast, as well.

This week, we discussed the anniversary of the site, getting editor Dave Choate’s thoughts on the past 10 years. We also discussed Josh Brown and how poorly the NFL and the New York Giants have handled yet another instance of domestic violence. We finished the first edition of the podcast by re-living the Seahawks game and previewing the upcoming game (with black jerseys!) against the Chargers.

The podcast will eventually be available in iTunes and Google Play (waiting for approval) and we’ll begin publishing to other outlets as well. Tell us in the comments what your preferred outlets are, and we’ll do our best to add the podcast to the list.

(01:10) Dave Choate discusses the 10th anniversary of TheFalcoholic

(11:23) Dave, DW and Jeanna discuss Josh Brown and domestic violence in the NFL

(21:50) DW and Jeanna discuss the Seahawks game

(31:40) DW and Jeanna discuss the upcoming game against the San Diego Chargers