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Remembering the last decade in Falcons and The Falcoholic

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Falcoholics reflect on their favorite memories from the last ten years. What are yours?

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images


For me, nothing will top the playoff win against the Seahawks. The entire game felt like the entire football world was crashing down and was utterly lost when Seattle took the lead at the end. Watching Ryan deliver those two critical passes, Bryant hit the FG and ultimately see Tony G with tears in his eyes was a memory I’ll never forget.

As for the Falcoholic - my favorite memory was getting an email from Dave in late 2012, asking me if I’d be interested in writing for the site. He sounded pretty desperate, but I told him I wasn’t interested. He wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept sending me pictures of himself sitting in the front seat of a convertible, winking at the camera, wearing a fedora with the words “I need you” drawn onto the picture at the bottom. After constant pestering and promises of “riches and fame I could only dream of,” I relented and joined the site. I’ve regretted it ever since.

Alec Shirkey

Falcons: The entire 2008 season was tremendously fun, and no moment more so than the last-minute comeback against the Bears. Under pressure, Matt Ryan hit Michael Jenkins on a deep sideline throw that still blows my mind, setting up Jason Elam’s game-winning field goal. Beautiful.

The Falcoholic: The Falcons Coaching Staff Eats Breakfast: A One-Act Play. Perhaps Dave’s finest work at this site, it’s a perfect summation of Atlanta’s problems in the latter Smith years.

Allen Strk

Falcons: Nobody predicted the Falcons to win more than four games in 2008. With a rookie quarterback and head coach, it was going to be a rebuilding year. They defied expectations and managed to win 11 games in unbelievable fashion. From Michael Turner running over defenders to John Abraham destroying offensive tackles, I can watch 2008 season highlights every day for the rest of my life. It was a memorable season following the Michael Vick and Bobby Petrino debacle

The Falcoholic: I’ve only been writing for the website since January 2015, so there are definitely memorable moments I’ve missed. Jeanna’s interview with Roddy White last August was very enjoyable. He was my favorite Falcon growing up. It was pretty awesome to see a player of White’s caliber offer his time to our website.

Kendall Jackson

Falcons: Definitely the playoff win over Seattle. It was the ultimate Falcons game: feeling uneasy despite the fact they’d built 20-point lead and not being surprised when it looked like they were going to blow the game. Then watching Matty Ice with another improbable comeback. Awesome. The Ravens game in 2010 deserves a mention, too.

The Falcoholic: That time the Falcons drafted Jadeveon Clowney. Whew.

Dave Choate

Falcons: It has to be the playoff win over the Seahawks in 2012 (technically 2013). There have been some tremendously fun wins over the years, but that was a signature one for Mike Smith’s Atlanta teams, and it was the closest the Falcons have come to the Super Bowl over that span.

For The Falcoholic, I really have too many to count, but I’d say the moment we were credentialed by the Falcons was probably the proudest I’ve ever been, because it meant we could be there and bring something unique to the table. But I’ve loved (nearly) every comment I’ve read, prediction that has backfired, one-act play I’ve gotten to write, and weird moment the Falcons have brought us along the way. I’m grateful we’re still here.

Alex Welch

Falcons: Probably watching Michael Turner run for a billion yards against the Buccaneers when the Falcons clinched a playoff spot in 2011. The Falcons scored 42 points in the first half that game. It was hilarious.

The Falcoholic: Dave hired me sometime early in 2012. We saw the site grow at an incredible rate over the next four years. It was amazing to see the support from The Falcoholic’s community, and that support still continues today. This was probably my favorite post. We set up an interactive map for readers to mark where they live. We have people from all over the world reading this site and commenting on the boards. It’s one of the best group of fans. So people can shut up when they say Atlanta is a bad sports town.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons: My favorite Falcons memory will always be Matt Ryan’s first pass. If you’ve been around a while, you may recall that when I was still Zippo, I had Wes Durham’s call of Matt Ryan’s pass as my signature for a while. Back when had radio calls of plays on the videos, I must have watched that video hundreds, if not thousands, of times. It was the start of what has been an incredible career for not just my favorite team, but my favorite player. After a year that was mired in sadness and Vick news, this kid from Boston College rolls in and throws a TD on his first drop back, and the rest is history. I’ll never forget that play as long as I live.

Falcoholic: The site and the people around it have been pretty good to me over the years. There are so many things I could call my favorite. Dave’s One Act Plays always draw a laugh from me, but I think my favorite thing on the site that I can recall is the Scale of Falconliness Jason Kirk and and The Falcoholic crew did a few years ago. We must’ve had every notable Falcon from 1966 to now, including B***y P*****o.