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Who will the Falcons cut to make room for Jalen Collins?

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The second year corner returns tomorrow and someone has to go. Who will it be?

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We’re already four games through the regular season, which means the Falcons will be bringing back Jalen Collins on Monday. However, in order to do that, the team first has to make room on the 53-man roster by cutting another player. Here are our guesses as to who that might be.

Dashon Goldson

This is the most obvious pick, with Goldson being inactive the last two weeks with Keanu Neal returning from injury. Kemal Ishmael proved to be a good starter in a pinch, so Goldson’s value to the team is minimal.

Mike Person

Our 2015 starter at center did not have a good preseason and was easily surpassed by both Ben Garland and Wes Schweitzer. He’s been inactive all year, with Ben Garland serving as the backup center and guard. The only thing sparing him a spot on the roster right now is the name above him on this list.

C.J. Goodwin

This name seems doubtful, especially since the team has only 4 corners on the roster. However, the young “project” player hasn’t seen much time on the field, though he has been active since game one. This cut seems unlikely, but shouldn’t be ruled out completely.

Joshua Perkins

One of the surprise roster additions this year, the rookie TE looked good in the preseason and the staff must like what he has to offer in the long-term. However, Perkins could likely be stashed on the practice squad and has also been inactive so far. The team could have cut him when they opted to cut Terron Ward, so I think he’s in their long-term plans and an unlikely cut at this point.

One more possibility: Sean Weatherspoon

The early word was Weatherspoon suffered some sort of leg injury during the game against the Panthers. Some people intimated that it could be another achilles injury, which would certainly end his season and possibly his career. It would be a sad end to a fan favorite player, but sending him to IR would make room for Collins as well.

Your thoughts on who could be the potential cut?