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Falcons-Panthers post-game injury report: LB Sean Weatherspoon may have re-injured his achilles

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Fact: Sean Weatherspoon doesn't own a single fork

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

What a game, Falcoholics! Any time your franchise quarterback puts up over 500 passing yards while facing the league's third best defense, you know you're doing something right. Once again the offense had to score 40+ points to guarantee the win. That's a concern, but for now, the Falcons are 3-1 and atop the NCF South. It's time to celebrate. There were a few injuries. Let's break them down.

Julio Jones got a little banged up early in the third quarter. He was actually doubled over in pain, leaving the game briefly. He ultimately reentered the game and set a franchise record for receiving yards in a game. I'd say he's just fine.

Deion Jones laid a monstrous hit on Crybaby McCrypants Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton early in the second half. Somehow he walked away from that hit unscathed. Shortly thereafter he injured his calf and left the game, earning a "questionable" designation.

Sean Weatherspoon came up lame late in the fourth quarter. He actually pulled up in pursuit, like he'd torn something. He also cried out in pain. He had to be helped off the field and the initial report was that he suffered an achilles/calf injury. As we know, Sean has an achilles injury history. (He missed the entire 2014 season after tearing his achilles.) He only earned a "questionable" designation so maybe it's not as bad as it looked.