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Falcons Panthers inactives: Everyone is playing

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All the big names are playing.

Michael Oher, elite tackle.
Michael Oher, elite tackle.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Late in last Monday's win against the New Orleans Saints, Mohamed Sanu, Julio Jones, and Matt Ryan looked to get dinged up. It shouldn't matter as all three are playing and there are no big names on Atlanta's inactives.

It will be great when the Falcons get the linebackers back, but no one else here is a loss. It is the same inactives as last week.

The Carolina Panthers, of course, are short blindside tackle Michael Oher. He is expected to be replaced with disaster machine Michael Remmers. Jonathan Stewart was also expected to be out, and the Panthers will play Mike Tolbert, Fozzie Whitaker, and someone named Cameron Artis-Payne at running back. Butler is a backup defensive tackle.

That is a few important players to a struggling Panthers team. Lets see if it can pay off for the Falcons.