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The Atlanta Falcons brought back the black jerseys

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The oft-requested throwback uniforms are making their triumphant return.

O. J. Santiago

The Atlanta Falcons have genuinely stunned us this morning, bringing back a slightly remixed version of the popular black jerseys and old school Falcons logo this Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.

UPDATE: And against the 49ers!

As someone who loves the old uniforms (and especially the old logo), this is extremely cool and extremely welcome. The changes to the original formula are subtle enough to not change the whole uniform, and the net effect is that these look (not to gush) freaking amazing. There hadn’t been a peep from the team about bringing back these jerseys for a long time now, leading some to wonder if they’d ever make their way back. While we’re probably not moving a step closer to the full-time return of these uniforms—though a man can dream—the Falcons are going to look awesome destroying the Chargers this Sunday in the Georgia Dome.

I don’t recall the last time the Falcons wore the black jerseys offhand, but I believe it was no later than 2012, when John Abraham was still terrorizing quarterbacks for Atlanta. Either way, this has been a long time coming, and a 4-2 Falcons team everyone feels good about has decided to lean into the positive attention in the best possible way.

How excited are you to have the black jerseys back?