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NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons still getting lots of love after week 6 loss

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Fact: Dan Quinn once swallowed an entire turkey leg without chewing

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A funny thing happened after the Atlanta Falcons lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. No one really faulted them for losing and no one seems to think the sky is falling. Instead, their second half comeback helped solidify their status as an elite team. This week's power rankings are basically the same as last week's. This team is still considered one of the league's best, notwithstanding the loss. 5th

Keeping the Falcons in the top five. They showed more in this loss at Seattle than in the Week 5 winat Denver. Why? Because things didn't go well early, but Dan Quinn's group didn't fold its tent. Instead, Atlanta clawed back from a 17-3 deficit to forge a lead late in the fourth quarter in the toughest place to play in pro football.

ESPN: 6th

Matt Ryan has Julio Jones, a pair of tight ends and a pair of running backs to throw to this season, which has resulted in a big spike in his passing numbers. Ryan's 2,075 passing yards are 287 more than any other QB, and it's the most in Falcons history through six games.

SB Nation: 4th

Yahoo Sports: 4th

I'm actually more impressed with them after losing at Seattle. They could have won that game. Win or lose they looked like contenders in the NFC. If a shaky non-pass interference call goes their way at the end, they probably pull off the upset against a really good Seahawks team.

Washington Post: 6th

Okay, it appears more and more likely that the Falcons are for real. They've won at Oakland, at New Orleans and at Denver, and they might have won Sunday at Seattle if not for the pass interference-that-wasn't. Now, it would be the very Falcons-like thing to do for them to go home and lose Sunday to the Chargers. But they're not that team again. Are they?

Bleacher Report: 6th

No official was in position to flag Richard Sherman's late-game coverage on Julio Jones. It warranted one; Sherman turned Jones around on a crucial fourth-quarter throw. It may have cost Atlanta a win. The good news? Matt Ryan made a lot of big-time plays. He moved the ball despite 67 total yards from Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Dan Quinn's defense held its own despite a lack of pressure.

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