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The FalcFans Podcast: Bidding Farewell

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The new episode recaps Sunday's loss against Seattle, which includes the offensive line, bad officiating, Robert Alford, and more. We also address the future of the podcast going forward.

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Life goes on. The loss to Seattle stung inside the locker room, but the Falcons proved that they could respond from adversity. It was a very spirited second half performance on both sides of the ball. With Kyle Shanahan making adjustments and Matt Ryan not being hit on every other play, there were plenty of positives in a controversial loss.

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Long-time friend Chad Walton joins Falcfans’ Aaron Freeman and I to break down Sunday’s defeat. We immediately discuss the bad officiating, along with how the Falcons made adjustments in the second half. Mohamed Sanu and Ryan Schraeder were spotlighted for their underwhelming play. Ryan’s resiliency was credited as well. Eventually, Robert Alford’s weekly penalties are mentioned, which becomes a lengthy conversation. The enigmatic cornerback is becoming a hot topic in Atlanta.

We also address changes with our podcast at The Falcoholic. The podcast is no longer going to be directly associated with the website, with a new podcast launching on The Falcoholic shortly, which you'll hear about later today. There is no dispute or incident driving this, just a focus on SB Nation podcasts being entirely in-house, and the FalcFans podcast isn’t going away. There will still be two episodes a week that you can find below, and you'll still continue to see us pop up on The Falcoholic from time to time.

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