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Falcoholic NFL picks: Get your picks in for this week’s games

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It’s time to make your picks, and we’ll have an updated tally for you next week.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to get your picks in for this week’s slate of NFL games. As you know, the Falcons are taking on the Seahawks in Seattle after a week spent preparing for the game in Washington.

The linebacker corps is at least closer to full strength, with De’Vondre Campbell and Deion Jones both returning from injury. The offense managed to execute against a stingy Broncos defense, and the Falcons actually brought pressure last week. They face a tough test in the Seahawks, but they’re fully capable of getting it done.

That said, I picked against Atlanta this week for a few reasons: first and most importantly, I have been wrong against the Falcons every single week this season, and I’d like to continue being wrong this week. Two, Seattle is a tough place to play, and three, the weather is supposed to be suboptimal.

Here are our editors’ picks for this week.

Here are our editors’ results so far. As you can see, some of us are really good at picking games and some of us (ahem, that would be me) are not. Just a reminder that I am deliberately taking one loss per week by picking against the Falcons. You’re welcome.

Submit your picks for this week’s games below.

I’m not including the running tally for reader picks this week because I’m in the middle of moving and it takes hours to put together. We’ll have those updated and tallied for next week.