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Predictions for the final score of Falcons - Seahawks in Week 6

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The Falcoholic staff weigh in on what they expect from one of the NFL’s most compelling Week 6 matchups.

Atlanta Falcons v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Kyle McClendon

Falcons 24 - Seahawks 21

This week is, on paper, the toughest test the Falcons have faced this season and the third great defense the Falcons will play in just as many weeks. I think that the defense will continue to gell and grow in this game while taking advantage of a questionable Seattle offensive line, and I think the offense will spread the ball around enough to exploit some mismatches. This Seattle defense doesn’t really have a glaring weakness like Denver or Carolina, so I do expect the offense’s job to be a little tougher this week. I don’t expect an easy game but this team still hasn’t given me any reason to think they can’t win this game.


Falcons 20 - Seahawks 17

This is another touch match-up for the Falcons, but the weather could be a significant factor here. The Falcons run defense has been very good the past couple of games, and could give the dirty birds the edge offensively. Additionally, Seattle’s awful offensive line could be another opportunity for the Falcons DL to build its confidence. I’m expecting a relatively low-scoring affair, so this score may actually be the upper-bound of what we’ll see on Sunday. Unfortunately, extreme weather can completely throw off games for everyone, so good luck accurately predicting anything that happens on Sunday.

Matt Chambers

Falcons 17 - Seahawks 14

This feels like the closest game of the year. Thanks to expected hurricane force winds, the teams should be limited to running the ball and short passing. That should limit Atlanta’s interaction with Seattle’s elite secondary, and limit relying on Atlanta’s inconsistent defensive backs. Dan Quinn can rely on Atlanta’s strong offensive line and running game and focus on limiting Russell Wilson moving out of the pocket. Seattle is scary at home but they don’t have the stout run game that brought them to a few Super Bowls. Edge to the red hot Falcons.

Kendall Jackson

Falcons 27, Seahawks 17

The question here isn’t how Atlanta’s offense will stack up against Seattle’s defense, but rather how Seattle’s defense will match up against Atlanta’s offense. The Seahawks haven’t faced anything remotely close to the league’s number offense. They’ve taken on the Dolphins, Rams, 49ers and Jets — you probably couldn’t create a respectable offense if you combined all four of those teams. I’m pretty confident the Falcons take the win here, even with weather conditions, 12th man and all of that good stuff.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 20 - Seahawks 30

The Broncos ugly loss Thursday (FWIW, on the road on Thursday night) is a little concerning for anyone who might question the quality of our win against them. Russell Wilson is a real quarterback, and historically, mobile QBs have made our defense look like no defense at all. I’m not concerned with the weather, and if the Falcons win at the line of scrimmage on both sides, they very well could escape with a win. However, this team’s luck has to run out at some point. We can’t possibly be the best team in the NFL, right? Right?!

Dave Choate

Falcons 21-Seahawks 17

I’ve revised this prediction downward because of the weather, more than anything else. The Falcons are going to be playing in gusty, lousy conditions, which will likely slow down their offense and also put the brakes on the Seattle passing attack. There should be lots of running, a fair amount of defense (even from Atlanta!), and I do have Atlanta coming up with enough offense to win an ugly game.

Allen Strk

Seahawks 20-Falcons 17

If Seattle wasn’t coming off a bye, I’d probably choose Atlanta. The offense is firing on all cylinders. Rookie linebackers Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell will be back on Sunday. There are plenty of variables behind feeling optimistic about the Falcons. Seattle’s defense offers two assets that Denver doesn’t have on their roster. Earl Thomas’ range and instincts are always going to cause issues. Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright aren’t going to be overwhelmed like Denver’s linebackers were last week. A rested elite defense playing in front of their rowdy fanbase will likely fluster Matt Ryan at some point. Atlanta’s defense should fare well, but it’s hard to project how they cope with Russell Wilson’s mobility and Jimmy Graham’s resurgence. Seattle is going to do just enough by keeping both running backs at bay and winning a slugfest.

Kevin Knight

Falcons 27-Seahawks 24

I’m not sure what is going to happen with the weather, but I think we see a close game between two elite teams. Atlanta’s defense is coming off an impressive performance, but this will be a much tougher test. Getting LBs Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell back into the lineup could make a big difference. On offense, Atlanta should be able to put up enough points to win. If the pass rush we saw last week wasn’t a fluke, the Falcons have a good shot to escape with a win on Sunday.