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How important is the Seahawks game for the Falcons?

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Critical or just a nice win?

Atlanta Falcons v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

I’ve airily told you all week that this game is only so important for Atlanta, particularly if they lose, but you may disagree with that outlook. Here’s your chance to explain why.

In a 16 game season, it goes without saying that every game is important, though you can usually afford 1-2 dumb, inexplicable losses in a season before the wheels start to fall off, assuming you win the games you are supposed to win. Atlanta’s currently 4-1, having handled two of their NFC South opponents and taken out Denver on the road, and a win here would put them at 5-1 and even more firmly in the driver’s seat for the season. A loss would mean a 4-2 record that would still have them in first place, but would potentially open them up to one of their NFC South competitors reviving and making this thing a race, particularly if Atlanta stumbles at all on the road against the Chargers and at home against the Packers in the ensuing weeks.

A loss wouldn’t be the end of the world both because of that record and because Seattle is a tough opponent that you simply can’t take for granted, not that I’m suggest any of you are. A win would be further proof Atlanta has arrived, in my eyes.

I’ll open the discussion floodgates for you. How much does this game mean?