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Atlanta Falcons 101: Seattle Seahawks series history

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Atlanta hasn’t had much success historically, but that has changed in recent years.

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

In a series dating back to November 7, 1976, the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons have played 15 games, including one playoff game in 2013. This series has been relatively close, as the average margin of victory in all 15 games is 7.46 points per game. Let’s take a look at how each team has done in this series.

Series records

In this series the Atlanta Falcons have won six of the 15 games, and have split their wins in Atlanta and Seattle. The Falcons are 3-4 in Seattle and 3-5 in Atlanta, so the Seahawks are 9-6 in the series while holding a lead in both the home and away splits.

Seattle has had two four-game win streaks in this series, while Atlanta has had one win streak of four games from 2007 to 2013.

New faces, new results

In 2008, this series experienced a shift when Matt Ryan arrived in Atlanta. Since then, the Falcons are 3-1, including a huge playoff win in 2013, and a higher average margin of victory at 10.75 points per game.

The first game Ryan played against Seattle was also the first game Pete Carroll coached against the Falcons as the head coach of the Seahawks. In turn, Pete Carroll is 1-3 against the Falcons as the head coach of the Seahawks. However, the one win Carroll has against Atlanta came when Russell Wilson got to Seattle—Wilson is 1-1 against the Falcons.

Largest victory/loss

The largest victory for the Falcons came on December 19, 2010 when they beat the Seahawks 34-18 in Seattle. However, the 30-28 divisional round playoff victory in 2013 weighs much heavier in the eyes of fans and media alike. This was Matt Ryan’s first playoff victory and sent the Falcons to the NFC Championship (we won’t talk about what happened after that).

The largest loss for the Falcons is, unfortunately, the most recent game that the two teams played. On November 10, 2013 the Seahawks beat the Falcons in Atlanta by 23 points, 33-10.

Series quick-hitters

  • This will be Dan Quinn’s first game against his former team as a head coach.
  • Matt Ryan has a completed 62.83% of his passes against the Seahawks in the regular season. He completed 68.57% of his passes in his lone playoff game against them.
  • The Falcons won their last two games in Seattle by 18 total points.
  • Atlanta is 3-1 against the Seahawks since Matt Ryan arrived in Atlanta.

The Falcons and Seahawks play this Sunday in Seattle at 4:25 EST on FOX and on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta. As of right now, the Falcons are six-point underdogs to Seattle.

Do you think the Falcons will continue their recent success against Seattle this Sunday?

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