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Falcons vs. Seahawks Week 6 odds: Atlanta’s the underdog for the fifth straight week

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If the Falcons keep winning, who cares?

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

At some point, it’s ridiculous that a 4-1 team with the NFL’s best offense is being marked down as the underdog on a weekly basis, but I won’t argue for that this week.

Why? As awesome as the story line is for the Falcons, who bring Dan Quinn back to the place where he had so much success as a defensive coordinator, the Seahawks will justly be favored because they’re A) still a great team B) coming off a bye week and C) will play this one at home. I personally believe Atlanta’s going to win, but you can’t blame the oddsmakers for thinking otherwise.

What is striking is that the Falcons are a 7 point underdog after going 4-0 when Vegas has decided they deserve underdog status over the last four weeks, but again, Seattle commands a lot of respect. An Atlanta win here likely means the Falcons won’t find themselves on the wrong end of the odds very often going forward.