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Report: Carolina Panthers starting left tackle Michael Oher ruled out for Sunday's game

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Fact: Cam Newton hates sugar, spice, and everything nice

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons pass rush is much-maligned and they will take any advantage they can get. It's a reality we've come to accept: if the Falcons won't get many breaks in their search for a pass rush, so when they get one, they have to seize the moment. Well Falcons fans, one such moment has arrived.

According to Panthers beat writer David Newton, because of a concussion, Cam Newton's starting left tackle won't play Sunday.

Rivera said he was on his way to a meeting Friday when head trainer Ryan Vermillion notified him that Oher was experiencing symptoms of a concussion. He wasn't sure when Oher received a blow to the head that could have caused the symptoms, or if it was a non-football injury.

This is important because the Panthers will need to shake up their offensive line without much time. To be fair, Oher wasn't playing well anyway. In fact, their entire offensive line is struggling mightily, giving up a sack on roughly 10 percent of Newton's drop backs.