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Who was the MVP for the 2015 Atlanta Falcons?

Our crack team of roundtable artists debates the most worthy choice.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall Jackson

Team MVP: Julio Jones

How can it not be this guy? He finished with 136 catches for 1,871 yards, falling just shy of records set by Marvin Harrison and Calvin Johnson. He proved to be unstoppable even while being the team's only receiving threat, virtually.

Scott Carasik

Team MVP: Devonta Freeman

Of the Falcons 1,041 snaps on offense, Devonta Freeman touched the ball on 32.3 percent of them for 1,639 yards. However, the impact came more from his league-leading 14 touchdowns with 11 of them on the ground that gave Atlanta their best ground option in the red zone since Michael Turner was cut.

If Matt Ryan was able to get the offense better in his first season, the Falcons would have been much better because of the ground game Freeman provided. The ground game he gave the Falcons also allowed the defense to rest and turn in one of their best performances of the 2010's. Without Devonta, the Falcons aren't anywhere close to 8-8.

Dave Choate

Team MVP: Julio Jones

What does this offense look like without Julio Jones? A steaming pile of horse vomit with a decent ground game, I'd wager. Julio was so far and away the best player on the team that he deserves to be honored as such.

Caleb Rutherford

Team MVP: Quintorris Lopez Jones

All that needs to be said is this: Julio Jones had 136 receptions this year. The next highest wide receiver, Roddy White, had 93 FEWER receptions with 43. Now imagine life without Julio Jones.

The DW

Team MVP: Julio Jones

I mean, can you imagine how much worse our offense would have been without JJ? He is a game-changing receiver that frustrates defensive coordinators around the league. Without him, this mediocre Falcons offense would have been a disaster. Let's hope he can stay healthy throughout the 2016 season as well. This offense would be lost without him.

Allen Strk

Team MVP: Julio Jones

There is no need to waste your time with this answer. Saying Julio Jones isn't team MVP is the equivalent of Donald Trump being a logical choice for president.

Matthew Chambers

Team MVP: Julio Jones.

All other answers are unequivocally incorrect.