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Report: Jets want to sign Falcons ST coach Keith Armstrong

The Falcons may be forced to make some involuntary coaching changes.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Walder of the New York Daily News expects Todd Bowles to go after the beloved, and quotable, Keith Armstrong. Armstrong has had two stints with the Falcons, including in the mid-1990s, and an eight-year run at special teams coordinator. He was one of the few people on Hard Knocks who could complete with Bryan Cox's wonderful quotes.

On to the report.

Bowles tried to hire Armstrong a year ago, but he was still under contract with the Falcons. A source told the Daily News that Bowles now wants to bring a friend onboard that he couldn’t get last year — making Armstrong the obvious favorite to land the job. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Armstrong’s contract with the Falcons is believed to be up soon.

There is no mention regarding Armstrong's desire to leave, but the article notes that Armstrong and Bowles played together in college. The other possibility is Armstrong's contract is up, Quinn wants to make a change, and Armstrong's contract was not renewed.

Regardless, if Armstrong and the team want to remain together, both sides will need to move quickly before the Jets hire him away.