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Falcons fans and reporters still awaiting Arthur Blank's end of year press confernece

Everyone wants to know if Kyle Shanahan and Thomas Dimitroff are safe, and we think they probably are.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You would anticipate that if Kyle Shanahan and Thomas Dimitroff were leaving, they would have been fired by now. Yet as many have noted, the lack of any language one way or the other coming out of Flowery Branch gives you just a little pause.

Basically, the sentiment here is "what's the holdup?" That's a sensible enough sentiment, considering the rumors swirling around Dimitroff in particular, and all the fan and national media scorn for Shanahan. Dan Quinn has publicly and privately supported both, according to everything we've heard up to this point, and Quinn would really be the major driving force behind getting Dimitroff out. It appears that the two are on the same page, which is more comforting when you think about the impressive 2015 draft class than the unimpressive 2015 free agent class.

So we're left waiting for a presser that hasn't been announced yet. Good times.

For better or for worse, though, this group will get another year together. If Dimitroff can keep an improved draft run going and land quality free agents (something he won't be doing by himself, mind you), and Shanahan's offense blossoms in its second year, we'll all feel good about that. If it doesn't happen, well, they'll both likely be gone in 2017.

The reality is that if the Falcons were solidly behind giving up on either man, they'd be gone by now. I'd prepare yourself for both to stay, with the ever-so-small chance that Arthur Blank will pitch us a curveball.