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What was the best moment of the 2015 Atlanta Falcons season?

Our staff weighs in with some varied choices for the greatest moment of a not-so-great season.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Charles McDonald

Best Moment: Vic Beasley's game winning sack to end the Panthers' undefeated streak.

Beating a division rival is always a good feeling, but the significance of the win made it a little sweeter. Pair that with Beasley coming off a cold streak with his best game of the season that day and it actually gave a semblance of hope for 2016.

Scott Carasik

Best Moment: Devonta Freeman's explosion vs. Dallas

Heading into the Dallas game, there were a ton of questions of where the Falcons offense was going to find any sort of running game. Tevin Coleman was hurt and Devonta Freeman was a question mark for his effectiveness. Then Devonta exploded on the Cowboys with 141 yards through the air and 52 yards through the air. To top it off, he had three touchdowns. This was just a jump start to his Pro Bowl aspirations and newfound Atlanta's rushing attack.

Dave Choate

Best Moment: Vic Beasley seals the win against Carolina

It's the obvious choice, isn't it? The much-maligned, injured first round pass rusher comes up with his biggest play of the year at the most opportune time, handing a smug division rival their first loss of the season and giving Atlanta something to feel proud about in a lost season. What a thing of beauty that was.

Caleb Rutherford

Best Moment: Julio's catch over Luke Kuechly

Did you know that prior to Julio's TD over Kuechly, we only had ONE touchdown over 25 yards? Going into play that day, I don't think anyone quite expected the effort the Falcons churned out, and certainly not a hail mary TD that had arguably the catch of the year behind it. There weren't a ton of great moments this year but the surprise catch to help make 14-1 happen has to be it. It was a magical play and a memory that should stick around from a season that shouldn't.

The DW

Best Moment: Julio's TD against the Panthers over Kuechly

It's a play that we'll be seeing in replays for the next several years. The pass was high enough to allow Julio to do his magic, and that he did. Watching Julio elevate and snatch the ball *just* out of the reach of Kuechly's outstretched hands was a thing of beauty. To see him come down with it, turn and burst into the end zone was outstanding. For him to dab in the endzone was priceless. It's a play that will never get old, and is one of the few bright spots of this season.

Kendall "Man of Few Words" Jackson

Best Moment: Julio's catch against the Panthers

Allen Strk

Best moment: Julio Jones' touchdown against Carolina

Similar to last season, there weren't many jaw-dropping moments. Jones beating Patrick Peterson like his name was Brandon Browner had been one of the few shining moments from last season. The superstar wide receiver takes the best moment crown again by soaring over Luke Kuechly and a stumbling Kirk Coleman. On what appeared to be a hopeless third-and-thirteen situation, Matt Ryan heaved a sixty-yard bomb that perfectly connected with Jones. Sometimes throwing in double coverage can work, especially when throwing to the best wide receiver in the league. It was a play that nobody will ever forget.

Matthew Chambers

Best Moment: Ricardo Allen's game-winning interception against the Philadelphia Eagles

The expectations were low for the Eagles game. Chip Kelly was coming off of two impressive seasons and made a number of big moves in the offseason. No one expected Atlanta to hang on, let alone win. Allen's interception not only sealed the win, but gave us hope for the season.

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