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Tell the truth one more time, Dan Quinn: A Monday press conference roundup

Jeanna Thomas provides the observation, Dave Choate provides the snide comments.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn stood behind the podium one last time today, buttoning up the 2015 Atlanta Falcons season and making it clear where he stands on the team's 8-8 finish.

Quinn has a lot in common with all of us. I'm sure as the head coach he's got some positives in terms of growth and development we can't all appreciate, but it's hard to feel great about a .500 record. Even in your first year.

Lot to unpack here. It sounds like it'll be an active offseason for a lot of players, which is to be expected even if the Falcons can't show up at their houses and watch them lift in creepy fashion. This Falcons team is going to be so reliant on young players like Vic Beasley, Grady Jarrett, and Justin Hardy stepping up next year that the development piece is critically important. And if nothing will slake your thirst for blood, the Falcons could potentially cut ties with a coach or two next week if Quinn and company don't like what they say from anybody. Though I kind of doubt it'll be any major moves, even if it happens.

Pay attention to Gradkowski in the offseason. The Falcons liked how Mike Person blocked, if not how he snapped, and a move to guard could be in the offing if they have a likely replacement lined up at center. Gradkowski could be a stopgap there, even if he's not exactly an inspiring choice.

It's also worth noting that some players spoke, with Paul Worrilow mentioning his plans to work out over the offseason (as if the man who seems to show up more jacked every year would do anything less), O'Brien Schofield sounded like he'd like to be here in 2016, at the very least, and lifelong Falcons fan Vic Beasley had other players sign his helmet. We'll be hearing from and about these guys again through the offseason, but that's gonna be it for a little while.

We wrap up with an appropriate quote from Dan Quinn.