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Pro Bowl 2016: Devonta Freeman-led "Team Irvin" defeats "Team Rice," 49-27

Fact: Devonta Freeman tackles better than half our defense

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Bowl is a meaningless game. It's a glorified game of two-hand touch. But when there are four Atlanta Falcons playing for the same team, I'm going to watch. "Team Irvin," led by team captain Devonta Freeman, dominated "Team Rice." The final score was 49-27. Here are the Falcons-specific highlights.

The Falcons wasted no time making their presence known. Both Julio Jones and Freeman had early touchdowns. Julio also threw in a successful 2 point conversion. I won't lie, I got real anxious each time either of them touched the ball. The last thing the Falcons need are off-season injuries.

Freeman got to play a little defense at one point. (Who thought that was a good idea?) He threw Chris Ivory to the ground like it was the Super Bowl or something. That said, take note, Thomas Dimitroff: I think we have a linebacker prospect on our hands.

Did you catch the game? What was your favorite moment?