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Rumor: Falcons to keep Thomas Dimitroff?

Early rumors suggest the Falcons will keep the status quo in Flowery Branch.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After the Atlanta Falcons had their historic nosedive midway through the season, many expected pseudo General Manager Thomas Dimitroff to finally be fired. In eight seasons, Dimitroff has wasted entire draft classes, typically bumbled through free agency, failed to produce any developmental talent, and has been the mastermind behind a roster with shockingly few Pro Bowlers.

WSB's Zach Klein is expected Dimitroff to return.

This is far from a solid report, but Klein's reporting is usually quite accurate. If true, Dimitroff would likely stay in his current role managing the cap, working free agency, and assisting in the draft. It would make sense that Scott Pioli would return in his same role, but some other changes to the front office would likely happen.

Dan Quinn would likely be able to hand-pick some scouts and other personnel people to add to the team, but they would all be smaller moves. After the loss to the Panthers, Quinn discussed the potential for changes with the coaching staff. Any changes would also likely be small moves, and even those are far from a sure thing.

The status quo appears safe.