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RB Devonta Freeman breaks 1,000 rushing yards

The Atlanta Falcons get something they haven't had since 2011: a 1,000+ yard rusher.

Devonta Freeman is on fire!
Devonta Freeman is on fire!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In only his sophomore season, running back Devonta Freeman eclipsed 1,000 rushing yards. Despite starting the season as a backup, and missing one week due to a concussion, Freeman exploded in 2015 and gave Atlanta their best run game since 2011.

Freeman had the best year for Atlanta Falcons running back since Steven Jackson Michael Turner beasted to 1,340 rushing yards in 2011. Perhaps most impressive is Freeman's catching ability, as he entered the Saints game with the second most receiving yards on the team.

His contributions have not been overlooked, as Freeman was given his first (oh hopefully many) Pro Bowl nods. Congrats to Freeman on his impressive season.