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Thomas Dimitroff noncommittal on Roddy White's future

Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said the front office and coaching staff are in the process of evaluating player personnel, and no decision has been made on Roddy White's future with the team.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is coming off of his least productive season since 2006, and his future with the team has seemed uncertain for several reasons. White, 34, is one of the most prolific receivers in Falcons history, but age is catching up with him. His speed has diminished and struggled to get separation at times in 2015, but even considering those facts, he got inexplicably few targets last season. There were a lot of reasons to wonder if White's time with the Falcons was nearing an end.

Thomas Dimitroff said Thursday that no decision has been made on White's future with the Falcons at this point.

"We are in the process here of looking at, as you know, we are talking about the changes in the organization on the personnel side," Dimitroff said. "We're obviously very focused on what is going to happen with our personnel. We are smack dab in the middle of that."

White has two years remaining on his four-year, $18 million contract, and if the team chooses to move on from him, they're on the hook for over $5.6 million dollars, per It's also possible the team will try to restructure White's contract, and Dimitroff said no decision has been made on that front, either.

"We haven't made final decisions on anyone as far as moving on from people or moving on from people or re-doing contracts right at this moment," Dimitroff said.

White, for his part, has said that he'd like to stay in Atlanta. When accosted by celebrity gossip website recently at Los Angeles International Airport, White said he's a Falcon, and I quote, "Forever and ever, amen."

White has excellent rapport with new passing game coordinator Raheem Morris, and the team may well choose to restructure his contract and keep White in Atlanta. If the Falcons choose to part ways with White, a reunion with Terry Robiskie, the Tennessee Titans' new offensive coordinator, wouldn't be surprising.