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Roddy White and Jonathan Babineaux can move to fifth and sixth on all-time games played for Falcons

The team's two longest-tenured players can hit a cool milestone in 2016.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

There are no guarantees for Roddy White and Jonathan Babineaux, but I would say that I believe both will return for the 2016 season. If they do, they have a chance to join some esteemed company for the Falcons.

Today, Roddy has played 171 games in a Falcons uniform, while Babs has played 169. That currently puts them at 6th and 7th in games played for the franchise, and both of them have the chance to pass longtime tackle Bob Whitfield, who played a total of 178 games for Atlanta. The only players ahead of them at that point would be Mike Kenn, Jeff Van Note, Jessie Tuggle, and Todd McClure, who are all genuine Falcons legends. At this point in their careers, it's fair to say Roddy and Babineaux also qualify.

Roddy heads into this year with a franchise record 808 receptions, a franchise record 10,863 yards, and a franchise record 63 receiving touchdowns. Babineaux's numbers don't jump off the page the same way, but he has 278 tackles, 23 sacks, and 10 forced fumbles while reliably providing quality run-stopping and pass rushing ability from the interior of the defensive lines.

I'm hopeful we'll see both greats returning, contributing, and adding one more notch to their fantastic Atlanta careers.