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Falcons not done adding to personnel department yet, will reportedly bring on Phil Emery

The Falcons aren't done just yet.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, we brought you the well-reported rumor that former Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery might be lining up for a personnel job with the Falcons. It appears that day has come.

There's no word yet on what Emery's role will be. The Falcons are currently missing a director of player personnel with Lionel Vital's unceremonious dumping, so Emery may be an option there, or he may simply be another cook in a bustling kitchen. One way or the other, with the Senior Bowl ongoing and free agency and the draft coming up fast, you can expect someone will be named to the position in short order.

Keep an eye on some of the established names currently out there on the market, because the Falcons seem hellbent on building a staff that features as many former general managers as possible in other roles. We'll hope Emery can add something helpful to a front office that has delivered mixed results for many years now.