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How much of the Falcons' offensive line will turn over in 2016?

We're entering our offensive line review today, and it's time to think ahead.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Without spoiling our conclusions from the upcoming offensive line, player-by-player portion of our roster review, there's going to be change on this offensive line.

Trying to tease out exactly what Kyle Shanahan and company will want to change about the line is more difficult, but we know where we can start. The Falcons boasted one of the best tackle tandems in the NFL in 2016, and Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder will certainly return. Atlanta's got a decent-sized investment in Andy Levitre and he seems likely to return, though I waffle on that one, which leaves two positions left to overhaul.

The most logical one is center, where Mike Person was a fine blocker but a terrible snapper. I don't think the team can go back to him in 2016 after his many unforced errors this year, which means a new player. The Falcons will likely give Gino Gradkowski a shot, but I'm hoping they aim higher, and think they will.

For right guard, there's a decent chance Mike Person just slides over there, or Chris Chester returns on a cheap deal if the Falcons don't find an alternative they like. Any way you slice it, I fully expect the right guard gig to be manned by a veteran. If the Falcons can at least get small upgrades at both of these spots, they'll be in much better shape.

What say you?