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Senior Bowl 2016: What you need to know

The showcase for top prospects is one worth watching for Falcons fans.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl is one of those very rare chances for top prospects to show off their skills in between their final college seasons and entering the NFL, so of course we watch it with interest. The Falcons have gotten into a habit of drafting Senior Bowl participants, too, so you really can't go wrong by keeping up with it.

So what is it?

Two teams made up of college prospects from the North and South, vying for a meaningless win with plenty of very meaningful playing time and practices along the way. Most every team is in attendance, there are NFL coaches actually coaching the game, and so on.

When's the game?

It's this coming Saturday, January 30, at 2:30 p.m. EST in Mobile, Alabama. It'll be on the NFL Network live, if you have the channel.

How will you cover it?

We're fortunate enough to have draft analyst and film guru Charles McDonald heading to the Senior Bowl this week, so he'll have practice reports, a game recap, and subsequent scouting reports. Stay locked to his Twitter feed this week.

What should we be looking for?

Chiefly standout players, and who the Falcons might express interest in. In the past, this has been a great way to evaluate the sorts of players and positions the team views as needs, and a great way to get to know some of the prospects who will be relevant in April and beyond.

Will there be a live thread?

Absolutely. We'll have one Saturday starting at about noon, and hope you'll check it out.