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Desmond Trufant, Patrick DiMarco will make it to the Pro Bowl, after all

The alternates will get in thanks to other players bowing out.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We argued that Desmond Trufant and Patrick DiMarco should be Pro Bowlers after their stellar 2015 seasons, and while it took a little time and some dropouts to get them there, it appears they're ticketed for Hawaii.

Trufant put together his third straight season with 16 starts, making 42 tackles, picking one pass, getting a sack, and amassing 11 pass deflections. You can argue quite reasonably that it was not his finest season in the NFL thus far, but he was still one of the best coverage cornerbacks in the NFL, and deserves this spot.

DiMarco, meanwhile, went from a camp battle with Collin Mooney to an integral piece of Atlanta's offense. He had 13 receptions for 110 yards and two touchdowns and paved the way for Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman all season long, throwing some truly terrific blocks along the way.

The Falcons had a mixed season, but it's fair to say they would have been a worse team without these two guys, and I'm glad to see both get the recognition.

Congratulations to Trufant and DiMarco, who join Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman this upcoming weekend. We'll have more information on the Pro Bowl later in the week.