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Can the Falcons get Von Miller? Here's our dream-crushing take

After Sunday, it's understandable to want Miller, but the Falcons simply can't land him.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After watching Von Miller tear apart the Patriots offensive line last night, you could be forgiven for salivating over the prospect of that dangerous man joining the Falcons defense. Before you get your hopes up, though, I thought I should dust off my downer boots and remind you why that will not happen.

I do this for your own good.

Why it makes sense

The Falcons desperately need an impact pass rusher, and Von Miller and Vic Beasley could be the next great pass rushing tandem in the NFL. Technically, Atlanta should have enough money to get a deal done, too, though they'd have to skimp elsewhere.

Why it doesn't make sense

Von Miller will be very expensive, as previously noted, and would have so many suitors if he managed to escape the clutches of Denver that Atlanta would be unlikely to land him.

Why it won't happen

Von Miller is not leaving Denver. He's one of the league's best pass rushers, Denver will move heaven and earth in order to get him an extension, and a player of his caliber rarely if ever leaves their team unless said team is extremely poorly run. Put it out of your mind and concentrate on players like Tamba Hali who might actually wind up in Atlanta.