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Report: Falcons will hire former Cowboys DBs coach Jerome Henderson as passing game coordinator

Raheem Morris will be doing something else, presumably.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons interviewed Jerome Henderson, who has served as the defensive backs coach for the Dallas Cowboys, for an unspecified position. That briefly kicked off a frenzy when no one could figure out whether they were trying to add him to be the news defensive coordinator, but per Ian Rapoport, Henderson's still isn't making a lateral move.

Raheem Morris is now the wide receivers coach. I'll write that up.

The second thing is that this looks like a nice hire, even with the shuffling to come. Henderson was well-regarded, did some quality work with a less-than-stellar Dallas defense, and gets to work closely with rising star Marquand Manuel. The Falcons' secondary, at least, should continue to be a strength. Maybe he'll get more out of the linebackers in coverage? Maybe?

Let's preemptively welcome Henderson to Atlanta.