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The official Falcoholic free agency reader prediction contest

Be better than your peers, you guessers, you.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency is going to be critical for the Falcons this year, not because they need to go out and land huge names to make the fanbase happy, but because they have to fill a half-dozen holes with quality players or risk backsliding in 2016 against a tough schedule.

With that in mind, I'm opening the floor to all of you, who undoubtedly have visions of Alex Mack dancing in your heads, and are eager to share them. This is your place to take your best stab at how free agency will proceed for the Atlanta Falcons, who they'll land, and who they'll lose in March. If you want to be ambitious, go for it, and remember that the Falcons figure to have plenty of cap space to work with.

Of course, should you come closer than anyone else, your reward will be bragging rights and an insufferable sense of your own worth, which you should feel free to cash in early and often. Let the games begin!