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Arthur Blank: the Atlanta Falcons won't make money off military promotions anymore

Fact: Arthur Blank's mustache has an IQ of 120

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are always trying to get better. Sure, there are the efforts to improve on the field. And sure, the team is always mindful of its philanthropic efforts. But the Falcons recently decided to get better in a very important way.

In the past, the Atlanta Falcons (and many other professional sports teams) had marketing deals with the various branches of the United States military. Those fantastic, tearjerking military tributes often featured during home games actually made the team money. (You didn't misread that, they were actually billing for those promotions.) There's something just ... inherently wrong about that. And now, at the urging of their fans and Congress, the Falcons are taking a stand.

"We'll do whatever we can to help in recruiting for all branches of the Armed Services," Blank said this week. "But we're not going to bill anybody for anything."

This is one of those things they should've been doing all alone. But the past is the past and they're moving on. Your thoughts?