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Falcons interviewing Cowboys defensive backs coach for defensive gig

Things are getting lively at Flowery Branch.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Vaughn McClure has clarified with the Falcons that Henderson is not interviewing for defensive coordinator Richard Smith's job, but another position. McClure thinks it may be Raheem Morris taking on another role.

Existing story below.

Vaughn McClure reported something interesting about the Falcons last night that might have flown under your radar, but it shouldn't.

Considering the Falcons' big opening at the moment is at wide receivers coach, interviewing someone who is going to be responsible for the defensive backs doesn't make a ton of sense, unless the Falcons are planning to shuffle their coaching staff around. Marquand Manuel was in the running for the Jaguars' defensive coordinator gig, so promoting him to keep him happy and around makes sense, considering he's somewhat of a rising star in the coaching profession. That would likely involve shifting roles for someone else on the coaching staff, whether it be defensive coordinator Richard Smith, passing game coordinator and assistant head coach Raheem Morris, or...well, I don't really know. The situation requires that you use your imagination a little bit.

At least he has a Quinn connection:

If he has a role, though, Henderson would be a fine hire for Atlanta. He was interviewed for the Browns' head coaching gig, he has a strong player development background, and he's done fine work with the Dallas defensive backs. We should know within the week whether he'll be part of the plan for the Falcons in 2016, either way.