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ESPN's Mel Kiper re-grades the 2015 NFL Draft, gives Atlanta Falcons a "C+"

Fact: Vic Beasley taught Keith Urban how to play the guitar

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The 2015 NFL Draft gave the Atlanta Falcons a future to look forward to. Vic Beasley was going to give us the pass rush we've sorely missed. Tevin Coleman was going to fit perfectly into our new and improved zone blocking scheme. And Grady Jarrett would provide quality depth. In reality, Beasley's rookie campaign was a mixed bag, Coleman caught fumblitis, and Jarrett exceeded expectations.

Draft guru Mel Kiper released his re-grade of the 2015 NFL Draft today. It's an Insider article, so unless you have a subscription, you can't see the whole thing. But here's his thoughts about the Falcons' draft picks.

Post-draft grade: B

How you see this draft depends a lot on what you think of Vic Beasley's potential. At the time, I had some questions. I wrote, "Beasley is a slight reach on my board -- he can rush the passer, but can he provide potential elsewhere?" I think that's still an open question. Beasley flashes, but he needs to give them more than occasional pressure. Jalen Collins wasn't going to be an overnight star and needed development. Tevin Coleman can be good, but the fumbles were an issue. If there's a steal here, it's Grady Jarrett, who was just so much better on tape than his draft slot. I think this class still has a lot of potential, but all three of the first picks are still in "We'll see" mode.

New Grade: C+

I can't knock Kiper's analysis. He obviously doesn't acknowledge the labrum injury Beasley played through all year. He also doesn't acknowledge Justin Hardy's solid play down the stretch. Aside from those two nitpicky omissions, I'm in complete agreement.

Your thoughts?