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2016 NFL Draft: Polling the fanbase on the Falcons' biggest need

Let's hear from you, friends.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We're heading into draft season, even if it's still months away, and I'm itching to start thinking about additions to this team, rather than the front office drama and the way the 2015 season ended.

To that end, we're going to start this thing by gauging which positions you would prioritize if you were in Thomas Dimitroff's hair and shoes. That could be wide receiver, where the Falcons have Julio Jones and not much else, or it could be linebacker, arguably the weakest position on the team. If your answer is running back or quarterback, you are watching the Buffalo Bills, and this is a Falcons blog, so get out of here.

Candidly, I'd choose linebacker. The Falcons still need a pass rusher and have 6-8 legitimate roster holes to plug, but they have exactly zero great linebackers on the roster, and it'd be nice to get a player who could turn into one.

Vote in our poll below. We'll write about the top results and examine some of the best players available in the draft.