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Titans nab Falcons WR coach Terry Robiskie for offensive coordinator

That was quick.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Just this morning it was reported that the Tennessee Titans requested permission to interview Falcons wide receiver coach Terry Robiskie. At that time we said the odds felt good that Robiskie was about to leave Atlanta.

Considering Mularkey's relationship with Robiskie, it is likely that he is near the top of a very short list for Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator.

Considering permission was requested about three hours before it was reported he was hired, it is safe to say that Robiskie was at the top of Mularkey's wishlist.

NFL reporter Ian Rapoport broke the news that Robiskie is leaving for Tennessee.

It is sad to see Robiskie leave. He is well respected by the players, and was Atlanta's longest tenured coach. He helped send both Roddy White and Julio Jones to the Pro Bowl, but decided it was best to reunite with Harry Douglas in Tennessee. His replacement is unclear, but Atlanta's offensive staff does not have a coach with nearly the same level of experience as Robiskie. Current offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan may decide to bring in a wide receiver coach from outside of the organization.