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Titans request interview with long-time Falcons WR coach Terry Robiskie

The Falcons may be making some changes to the coaching staff, even if they don't want to.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Terry Robiskie has outlived head coaches and multiple offensive coordinators. A mainstay of the coaching staff since 2008, Robiskie has been credited with getting record breaking seasons out of Roddy White and Julio Jones. However, the Atlanta Falcons may need to replace one of their few experienced offensive coaches.

Mike Mularkey is reportedly interested in reuniting with one of his former coaches.

Mularkey was the offensive coordinator in Atlanta during Robiskie's first four years as wide receivers coach. The request is a mere formality, as the potential promotion allows the Titans to take Robiskie regardless of how Atlanta feels. Considering Mularkey's relationship with Robiskie, it is likely that he is near the top of a very short list for Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator.

Robiskie was an offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Raiders (not a typo), and briefly for the Browns way back in 2004. He is well respected around Flowery Branch, but Robiskie may be itching to move up in the coaching ranks.