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AFC & NFC Championship Game odds: The Patriots and Panthers are favored

It's no great surprise that the home teams are getting the early love.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we filled you in on the AFC and NFC Championship Games and the schedule for next weekend. Today, we look at who's favored in those two games, and it's fair to say neither will surprise you.

For the more important game this weekend, the Panthers are four point favorites over the Cardinals. This makes perfect sense when you consider Carolina just hung 31 on the Seahawks (all in the first half, even), they're playing at home, and Cam Newton is America's darling. The Cardinals are a tough matchup and can win this, but they won't do so looking like they did against Green Bay a week ago.

In the AFC game, it's Tom Brady's Patriots versus ancient Peyton Manning's Broncos, and New England is favored by 2.5. I fully expect that one to be close, so the line makes sense, but it's tough to envision the Patriots losing unless Manning has a vintage game in him.

In other words, this could offer up a Super Bowl rematch of Patriots-Panthers, but because I dislike both teams, I really hope not. Who do you think should be favored?