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With Seattle eliminated, it's time to start dreaming about Bruce Irvin

The Falcons should be interested in the veteran linebacker.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Look, there's a very good chance that Bruce Irvin will not be a Falcon in 2016. The Seahawks will presumably offer him a princely sum to stay there, he'll have plenty of suitors, and we have no idea how interested Atlanta is.

For all that, there's plenty of reasons to think about Irvin to Atlanta. He fits a massive need for Atlanta, he knows Dan Quinn from their time in Seattle together, he's an Atlanta native, and most importantly of all, he's expressed interest in joining the Falcons, regardless of how Pete Carroll subsequently spun it.

Irvin's 28 years old, has 22 career sacks, and is the kind of athletic, aggressive defender the Falcons currently lack up front. Adding him to this defense would unquestionably improve the unit even if he's not a true game changer, and it's such a logical signing for a Falcons team with a decent chunk of cap space that it seems almost inevitable.

It's not, of course, because Seattle has plenty of incentive to keep him around, and other teams will be very interested in him. With Seattle eliminated from the playoffs and Quinn undoubtedly interested in bringing some of his former stars aboard, though, this one will be on our radar for months to come.

Do you think Irvin will wind up a Falcon?