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Down to just five selections, the Falcons seem unlikely to trade up in the 2016 NFL Draft

This might be wishful thinking on our part, but the Falcons will probably stand pat.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have made a habit of moving up in the draft under the man dubbed "Trader Thomas" by fans and writers, and while it has netted the Falcons players like Julio Jones, Desmond Trufant and Grady Jarrett, it has also left the Falcons without a ton of margin of error in their draft classes. With just five selections in 2016 and that new stadium hanging over everything, I don't think this is going to be one of those classes where Dimitroff trades up and takes a big risk.

This is a bold (and very premature) prediction to be making, given that Dimitroff and his front office have never been able to resist a swap up to grab someone they like, but the numbers simply don't work. The Falcons need more than four selections to address holes at, to name a few, wide receiver, tight end, the offensive line, defensive end, linebacker, cornerback, and safety, and even one extra pick may help them snare a useful contributor. It is pretty widely agreed that the slimmed-down classes in 2011 and 2012 gave the Falcons fewer chances to hit on quality players, and the several misses in those classes were magnified by that. Atlanta would be foolish to chase one player to the detriment of their depth again.

More importantly, this class projects to have enough quality players at key positions (think linebacker) that the Falcons should be able to get their man at #17 in the first round, and the temptation to trade up should decrease as they go deeper into the draft. Grady Jarrett and Marquis Spruill beg to differ, obviously, but I have to think this class just doesn't have a ton of guys worth swapping up for late.

From here, I'll open it up to all of you for debate. Is there any circumstance in which the Falcons should trade up?