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The Falcons are suddenly heading to Los Angeles in 2016

With the Rams' move, the schedule changes.

An already daunting 2016 schedule now offers a little additional travel for the Falcons, thanks to the St. Louis Rams becoming the Los Angeles Rams once more.

As a guy who grew up playing the hell out of Tecmo Super Bowl for the Super Nintendo, having the Los Angeles Rams back is kind of cool, even if they certainly aren't in the same division as the Falcons any longer and do not have Todd Lyght. It will be the first time the Falcons have played the Los Angeles version of this team since 1994, and as much as it troubles me to even consider this, some of you may not even have been alive then.

Besides the very small cool factor, though, this chiefly adds up to another small headache for the Falcons, who head into 2016 with an urgent need to improve before they can even consider contending against a tougher slate of opponents. Traveling to Los Angeles instead of St. Louis means the Falcons will play a quarter of their season on the West Coast, and we'll have to hope they find it hospitable.